Garage 442 | QualityTime with Tolo/Mate Tollner (LavaLava/HU). Artes FOUN.

Tonight new edition QualityTime party!! It’s sunday, we are open!!! Welcome to 2018!!! We hope all of you are feeling great and ready for this new year full of opportunities and fresh sounds! We can already tell, there is a lot to come! 🙂
Let’s start with these talented guys, coming originally from Hungary, Spain and Germany to delight us with their fine tunes for our first event of the year:

▵ @[182678261747644:274:Tolo / Mate Tollner] (@[186419474874313:274:LavaLava]/ HU)
▵ Artes (@[828960063813919:274:FOUN])
▵ @[444988092226667:274:Dévier] (@[568218286665003:274:Studio Lively])

Visual Performance by @[100001462950183:2048:Aliaksandra Smirnova]

Open Doors: 21:30h
2€ from 0:00h



102 people interested