● T U E S D A Y ●
FREE entrance with Shaz List to these clubs:
▰ O P I U M ▰
Free till 2:30 am
Hip – Hop | Electronic | R&B
▰ P A C H A
Free till 2:00 am
Reggaeton | Pachanga
▰ C D L C
Free till 2:00 am
Hip – Hop | R&B
▰ J A M B O R E E
Free till 2:00 am
Hip – Hop | R&B
▰ E C L I P S E
Free till 1:30 am
Freestyle music
Say “I’m on SHAZ LIST” at the door to get FREE Entrance!
| More information: http://bcnparti.es/2zDog4E
| To avoid big lines arrive around 45 min before the guest list closes. | Contact www.shaz.me for VIP and BIRTHDAY celebrations.
| Dress code applies.
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