Macarena Club | Mistress n.45 // ISAbella & Lumière + Daniele de Rubertis

Tonight at Macarena Club!!!

For free guest list until 01h put your name in the event wall’s… This month we´re back to our favorite center spot Macarena! This night we´re preparing a special music journey to celebrate our girl Lumière B-day. A young special guest will join us. Stay tuned!

Daniele de Rubertis [ YAY ]

@[636360343123028:274:ISAbella] [ Mistress/Loud ]

@[1790650354497550:274:Lumière] [ Mistress ]
From 1:00 Free with list
From 1:00 – 2:00 5€ with list
From 2:00 10€ with list
Write your name on the wall for Guest List

Artwork: @[504647805:2048:Ana Bleier]

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